Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years

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Millennials became the largest generation in Gaming has become mainstream entertainment as a spectator sport. Video streaming services have been incubating for 15 years, and the confluence of social media, streaming sites, and great competitive titles has allowed eSports and streaming to expand rapidly across the globe.

Whereas the player base has been growing at a 10 percent average annual rate since , the spectator base has been nearly doubling! Not only are game makers increasingly offering premium play and virtual objects sold for real-world money, but with brick-and-mortar retail under tremendous pressure to bring customers back into stores, experts are recommending fun, game-like experiences to lure shoppers into malls again.

Finally, games are becoming more data-driven. For example, Survios used data to optimize the player experience. And data is at the center of those efforts, too. Arm Treasure Data is preparing businesses to face the video game landscape of tomorrow, largely because of our expertise in the realms of customer data, AI, and IoT.

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To learn why some of the biggest names in gaming trust Arm Treasure Data to help create personalized experiences that increase revenues, request a demo , visit TreasureData. The era of mass-market-retail is clearly out on a ledge, judging by the Hunger-Games-style body count of store closings, but what will take its place?

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How far will retailers go to entice customers to actually GO shopping? Too few game makers are taking full advantage of all the customer data in all the various forms now available to them — Delivery platforms have become invaluable for game makers, not only as storefronts but also as data providers.

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The advent of mobile changed the gaming landscape. Thanks to six new trends, we are about to see a total transformation of the gaming industry again. Click to download pdf. The data speeds of 5G will open up incredible possibilities for gaming, entertainment, and connected devices. Get Treasure Data blogs, news, use cases, and platform capabilities. That is, the local economy of Virginia. Instead of high-tech computer chips, potato products or even supermarkets — the jobs are coming in healthcare, hospitality, and government.

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The report uses a complex analytical model to look at the future based on current factors and trendlines. Utah has twice as many employees with advanced degrees — and Colorado has five times as many. With 65 percent of all jobs requiring some sort of post-high school training, Boise is behind.

The Idaho Department of Labor says Idaho will need 36, people with degrees in science, technology, engineering and math. But only 2, students graduated with degrees in those fields in Brookings says to keep up, Idaho must also attract workers from outside the state, and give existing Idahoans new skills through training. Early childhood education is also a focus of the report. It argues many Idaho children are entering Kindergarten without needed skills. Time spent on getting them up to grade level is time lost over their educational career. Yet the two come hand-in-hand.

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Brooking said the Boise area needs to attract firms that will pay a living wage and provide benefits. The report goes as far as suggesting a specific industry its data modeling says holds promise: beverage manufacturing. In short, such business could help the workforce find jobs, gain skills and grow towards future opportunities in more advanced sectors like tech. The task for policymakers and local leaders is to plant the seeds and to build communities where any citizen can turn luck and grit into an American Dream.

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    Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years
    Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years
    Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years
    Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years
    Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years
    Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years
    Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years
    Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years Growing: A Treasure of 40 Years

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