Just A Wish Away: Wish Series, Book #2

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But these are no ordinary charms-every charm gives Cassie a different magical power! Can she earn all seven? Book One in the series comes with a bracelet and two charms, just like those that Cassie receives in the book. Readers can collect and create their very own charm bracelet, like Cassie does!

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Check out more books in this series! All rights reserved. Skip to main content. Lucky Stars 1: Wish Upon a Friend. Sometimes, I push people away. Sometimes, I wish somebody would save me. Sometimes, I know that somebody has to care. Sometimes, I start to feel okay. Sometimes, I know that things will never be the same. Sometimes, I wish things would change. Sometimes, I wish I had a good reason to kill myself. Sometimes, I wish that it could finally be over. Sometimes, I write to feel better. Sometimes, I know that I hurt people. Sometimes, I want to hurt people. Sometimes, I think I should just run away.

Sometimes, I feel empty. Sometimes, I feel evil. Sometimes, I wish I could change everything. Sometimes, I hide. Sometimes, I hurt people. Sometimes, I like the sight of my own blood. Sometimes, I feel pathetic.

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Sometimes, I feel like an idiot. Sometimes, I feel like nothing matters. Sometimes, I think nobody will care if I die. Sometimes, I think pain is the only way to feel alive. Sometimes, I feel fucked up. Sometimes, I feel like a bomb. Sometimes, I want to get away from here. Sometimes, I want to run. Sometimes, I feel depressed. I was awake and they made me lay still… while they shined lights in my eyes.

They asked me questions, but I always lie now and tell them what they want to hear, just to make them stop. I remember faces. I think I had a brother… with brown hair, who used to tease me. I hope someday he reads this and knows I wish I could see his face for real. She wants to run away so that they stop doing the tests.

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And then it just stops. No more tests. No more questions. Running for my life, for the rest of my life. If you ask me, running is just about as far from liberation as it gets. I love your trans hcs!

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I really had an emotional time writing this one, I hope it is enjoyable to read. Bill hcs below:. Sometimes, I wish I was a Whaler to just jump through windows and run away. The two of you were laying on top of a few blankets in the bed of his truck, which was parked along the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

The two of you had been best friends for ages. There was no one in the world that knew you better than Jack did, and vise versa. He knew everything. Everything except for the fact that you were madly in love with him. That was something he did not know, nor did he need to know. You could remain friends and never have to chance losing him. Go somewhere that no one knows who I am and I can just become a new person. He had this big dream of Santa Fe for as long as you could remember. I could easily pick up my entire world and take it away.

Prove it. There was no way he could do it. But then he was standing.

Lucky Stars #1: Wish Upon a Friend

And then he was pulling you to your feet. And then he was scooping you up so you lay bridal style in his arms.

It took you a few moments to figure out what he meant by the gesture. Why had he just picked you up? All you had challenged him to do was pick up his world and…… oh. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the realization hit your face.

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  6. He was going to set you down, but you were able to make a move before he did. Leaning forward, you rested a hand on his cheek and pressed your lips to his. Jack wasted no time kissing you back. He was careful to make sure your lips stayed pressed together even as he put you back on your feet.

    His arms wrapped around you and a tight hug so he could fully relish the moment. After a good few minutes at least, the two of you broke out of a need for air. The desperate gasps turn into fits of giggles and small pecks on the lips. All while still standing on the blanket pile, in the bed of the truck, under the sky of stars.

    Sometimes Luke thinks everything in the world becomes right when he gets to lay next to you. The loud screams turn into muffled whispers from him nuzzling his face into your neck. The bright lights disappeared behind the dark blue curtain, and his stress seemingly fizzles into nothing when he gets to hear you talk.

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    He wishes things could be this way forever. Sometimes he thinks they can. He thinks that he could just run away with you into the night, only telling the boys where he was, and starting over with you.


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    It would be somewhere private so no one would bother you; that way he could be awestruck by you in peace. He could love on you without having to fear leaving you the next day. Maybe he could start a family with you. Luke knows he would spoil your children endlessly. But he wants that. He so desperately wants to have a family with you. He wants to run away, and get married somewhere on a beach, and continue making you the happiest person alive. Luke has made his fourteen year old self proud, now he wants to help his future self out.

    Just A Wish Away: Wish Series, Book #2 Just A Wish Away: Wish Series, Book #2
    Just A Wish Away: Wish Series, Book #2 Just A Wish Away: Wish Series, Book #2
    Just A Wish Away: Wish Series, Book #2 Just A Wish Away: Wish Series, Book #2
    Just A Wish Away: Wish Series, Book #2 Just A Wish Away: Wish Series, Book #2
    Just A Wish Away: Wish Series, Book #2 Just A Wish Away: Wish Series, Book #2
    Just A Wish Away: Wish Series, Book #2 Just A Wish Away: Wish Series, Book #2
    Just A Wish Away: Wish Series, Book #2 Just A Wish Away: Wish Series, Book #2

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