Reviews in Mathematical Physics - Volume 12

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Fournais and B. Helffer , Spectral methods in surface superconductivity , Progress in Nonlinear Differential Equations and their Applications , Friedman , Variational principles and free-boundary problems. Pure and Applied Mathematics , Jr and S. Mkaddem , Instability of radial hedgehog configurations in nematic liquid crystals under Landau? E , vol. Gilbarg and N. Trudinger , Elliptic partial differential equations of second order , Classics in Mathematics , Golovaty and L.

Berlyand , On uniqueness of vector-valued minimizers of the Ginzburg-Landau functional in annular domains , Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations , vol. Golovaty and J.

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Montero , On Minimizers of a Landau??? Han and T. Lin , -wave Ginzburg-Landau equation , Nonlinearity , vol. Hardt, D. Kinderlehrer, and F. Hardt and F. Lin , A remark on H1 mappings , Manuscripta Mathematica , vol. Lin , Stability of singularities of minimizing harmonic maps , Journal of Differential Geometry , vol. Lin , Harmonic maps into round cones and singularities of nematic liquid crystals , Mathematische Zeitschrift , vol. Hardt, F. Lin, and C.

Poon , Axially symmetric harmonic maps minimizing a relaxed energy , Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics , vol. Heeb and D. Agterberg , superconductor: Vortex core structure and extended London theory , Physical Review B , vol. Helfinstine, O. Lavrentovich, and C. Woolverton , Lyotropic liquid crystal as a real-time detector of microbial immune complexes , Letters in Applied Microbiology , vol. Henao and A. Huang, J.

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Hsieh, H. Song, Y. Wang et al. Hussain, A. Pina, and A. Roque , Bio-recognition and detection using liquid crystals , Biosensors and Bioelectronics , vol. Ignat, L. Nguyen, V. Slastikov, and A.

Zarnescu , Stability of the vortex defect in the Landau??? Zarnescu , Stability of the Melting Hedgehog in the Landau??? Jian, R. Hurt, B. Sheldon, and G. Crawford , Visualization of liquid crystal director fields within carbon nanotube cavities , Applied Physics Letters , vol. Kaiser, W. Wiese, and S.

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  4. Kim and D. Kleman and O. Lavrentovich , Soft Matter Physics : an introduction , Kralj, E.

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    Virga, and S. Kralj and E. Kuksenok, R. Ruhwandl, S. Shiyanovskii, and E. Terentjev , Director structure around a colloid particle suspended in a nematic liquid crystal , Physical Review E , vol. Lamy , Some properties of the nematic radial hedgehog in the Landau??? Lederer, W. Huang, E. Taylor, S. Raghu, and C. Kallin , Suppression of spontaneous currents in Sr 2 RuO 4 by surface disorder. Lefter and V.

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    Lin and C. Wang , The analysis of harmonic maps and their heat flows , Lin , On nematic liquid crystals with variable degree of orientation , Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics , vol. Lin and T. Lopez-leon and A. Fernandez-nieves , Drops and shells of liquid crystal , Colloid and Polymer Science , vol. Lubensky, D. Pettey, N. Currier, and H. Stark , Topological defects and interactions in nematic emulsions , Physical Review E , vol.

    Lyuksyutov , Topological instability of singularities at small distances in nematics , Sov. JETP , vol. Madsen, T. Dingemans, M. Nakata, and E.

    Majumdar, A. Pisante, and D. Henao , Uniaxial versus biaxial character of nematic equilibria in three dimensions , Majumdar and A. Zarnescu , Landau??? Matsumoto, M. Kawamoto, and K. Notable among these applications are the identification of some key multi-dimensional integrals that arise in Ising theory, quantum field theory and in magnetic spin theory.

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    It is a fascinating subject to explore how well we can understand the processes of life on the basis of fundamental laws of physics. It is emphasised that viewing biological processes as manipulation of information extracts their essential features.

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    This information processing can be analysed using well-known methods of computer science.

    Reviews in Mathematical Physics - Volume 12
    Reviews in Mathematical Physics - Volume 12
    Reviews in Mathematical Physics - Volume 12
    Reviews in Mathematical Physics - Volume 12
    Reviews in Mathematical Physics - Volume 12

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