Russias Main Battle Tank T-80U

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The foot vessel, of a type often called a "narco sub" though most are not fully submersible , was first detected and tracked by a maritime patrol aircraft. The Joint Interagency Task Force South, a multinational body that coordinates law-enforcement efforts in the waters around Central and South America, directed the Valiant to intercept it.

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Sure, the T may not hold up to ground troops armed with RPGs, but it actually makes for a pretty decent stand-in for your SlapChop. As you can see in this footage, surely meant as a demonstration of the stability and precise control allotted by the Ts mm main gun, this vehicle really can do a passable job at slicing fruit. Of course, you'll need a Russian soldier that's willing to stand there and do most of the busy work like moving the fruit into the tank's reach, separating it, and moving it away again but that's just the price you pay for a fresh fruit Soviet-Smoothie.

I suppose this video would still be pretty impressive, if Russia weren't the first to show off their tank skills using food.

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Long ago, Germany released a video of their own Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank designed and built in the same era hitting the trails with a stein of beer sitting comfortably on its turret. Unlike slicing fruit, this actually serves as a good demonstration of the Leopard 2's ability to keep its main weapon pointed at distant targets, even as it traverses all sorts of terrain. In a fight, that serves a far greater purpose than any fruit salad might, no matter how well prepared.

Russia 'preparing bring to up to 3, Soviet-era T tanks back into service' | The Independent

The Russian video does, however, offer a glimpse into what may be another secret weapon Russia has maintained since the cold war. If all else fails, their tanks can always fix bayonets.

Amongst the most technologically advanced of all the armoured vehicles to have emerged from the old Soviet Union. In addition to service with the forces of the erstwhile Soviet Union, the T has also found a significant place in the global market with orders from countries such as Pakistan and Korea. The book provides the reader with a comprehensive account of the development and operational record of the T Utilising photographs, line drawings and specially prepared artworks, the author provides a detailed portrait of these highly successful tanks.

The book includes six chapters. Chapter 2 deals with the production of the baseline diesel-engined T and its subsequent modernisation to TBV standard.

Chapter 4 describes the production of the turbine-powered TU and its mid-life upgrade, the TUD.

Russias Main Battle Tank T-80U Russias Main Battle Tank T-80U
Russias Main Battle Tank T-80U Russias Main Battle Tank T-80U
Russias Main Battle Tank T-80U Russias Main Battle Tank T-80U
Russias Main Battle Tank T-80U Russias Main Battle Tank T-80U
Russias Main Battle Tank T-80U Russias Main Battle Tank T-80U
Russias Main Battle Tank T-80U Russias Main Battle Tank T-80U

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