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It is possible to pass a subprogram as a parameter to a generic. The generic specifies a generic formal subprogram, complete with parameter list and return type if the subprogram is a function. The actual must match this parameter profile. It is not necessary that the names of parameters match, though. Here is the specification of a generic subprogram that takes another subprogram as its parameter:. And here is the body of the generic subprogram; it calls parameter as it would any other subprogram. This generic function could be used, for example, with matrices, having defined the matrix product.

One of the main uses is passing needed operators. The following example shows this follow download links for full example :. A generic formal can be a package; it must be an instance of a generic package, so that the generic knows the interface exported by the package:.

This means that the actual must be an instance of the generic package Q. The box after Q means that we do not care which actual generic parameters were used to create the actual for P. It is possible to specify the exact parameters, or to specify that the defaults must be used, like this:. You can specify one default parameters, none or only some.

The actual package must, of course, match these constraints. The generic sees both the public part and the generic parameters of the actual package Param1 and Param2 in the above example. This feature allows the programmer to pass arbitrarily complex types as parameters to a generic unit, while retaining complete type safety and encapsulation. It is not possible for a package to list itself as a generic formal, so no generic recursion is possible. The following is illegal:. As a consequence of the above, Ada does not permit template metaprogramming.

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However, this design has significant advantages:. A generic unit can be nested inside another unit, which itself may be generic. Even though no special rules apply just the normal rules about generics and the rules about nested units , novices may be confused. It is important to understand the difference between a generic unit and instances of a generic unit.

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This is okay: the nested generic sees everything that is in its enclosing unit. Each instance of the generic child is a child of the parent unit, and so it can see the parent's public and private parts. Children of a generic unit must be generic, no matter what. If you think about it, it is quite logical: a child unit sees the public and private parts of its parent, including the variables declared in the parent.

If the parent is generic, which instance should the child see? Gregory N. Carlson , Francis Jeffry Pelletier. In an attempt to address the theoretical gap between linguistics and philosophy, a group of semanticists, calling itself the Generic Group, has worked to develop a common view of genericity.

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Their research has resulted in this book, which consists of a substantive introduction and eleven original articles on important aspects of the interpretation of generic expressions. The introduction provides a clear overview of the issues and synthesizes the major analytical approaches to them. Taken together, the papers that follow reflect the current state of the art in the semantics of generics, and afford insight into various generic phenomena.

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The generic book The generic book
The generic book The generic book
The generic book The generic book
The generic book The generic book
The generic book The generic book
The generic book The generic book
The generic book The generic book
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