Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991)

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The Special Court examined 71 witnesses and convicted 21 persons of Life Imprisonment and 35 persons were sentenced to One Year Imprisonment.

Discourse: Discrimination eva jayate

It is submitted that if the Courts adopt liberal attitude in not punishing the guilty and adopting casual attitude in dealing with serious cases, a strong message will be sent to the society that justice would be a cloister virtue to Dalits in this country. It is submitted that despite the volume-ness evidence placed against the offenders establishing their guilt, we think the Judgment delivered by High Court of AP acquitting all the Accused is not at all in the right direction and it is not at all proper and just and reasonable.

The said Judgment certainly not in consonance with the principles of law and the Court Delivered the said Judgment without taking into consideration of the seriousness of the case and deliberate and inhuman Carnage perpetrated by the offenders. But when the bench issued Contempt Notices, the voice of resentment expressed against the Bench, expressing no confidence was silenced.

Guntuku Ravindar chunduru

The apprehensions raised by the persons before the said Bench came as a realty in giving clean acquittal in the said case. It is submitted that people of India are still reposing confidence in the system of judiciary by placing the judiciary in the highest pedestal. The Judgment of this sort without taking into consideration of the brutal killings perpetrated by the offenders and without taking into consideration the grave incriminating material laid against the offenders, the Bench gave a clean acquittal of the accused, by pointing out certain minor lapses, which are bound to occur in any other criminal cases.

Sunduru and Modukuru, atleast for 3 months. While acquitting all the accused, the Bench shown lip sympathy that 8 innocents from Dalit Community lost their lives and their families were completely ruined. The Bench also shown lip sympathy by saying that the help rendered by the Government could not remove the agony of the family members of the deceased. The victims and the families of the victims do not require such lip sympathies and empty comments of any philosopher. The Bench while acquitting all the Accused made a comment that there was no complaint from any quarter in the said case, without minding for the fact that the perpetrators of the offence created such a terror among Dalits of the said village that they could not come forward to lodge a complaint.

Merely because there was no complaint from the victims or Dalits of the village, we cannot shut our eyes and shut our mouth and say that no carnage had taken place despite the fact that 8 innocents were brutally killed and several hundreds of people were injured. It is submitted that when the victims expressed no confidence in the Bench expecting this result, it is not at all justifiable on the part of the bench to dealt with the case by showing the weapon of Contempt of Court silencing the expressions of resentment.

When the victim or representatives of the victims. Suspect rats, it is minimum expected that the institutions or persons manning the Institutions should maintain distance from such exercises to create confidence in the minds of the people. It is submitted that with the Judgment of Clean acquittal in 8 T. Sunduru killings Dalits in this country once again forced to feel that justice still eludesr them and even Courts of law are no exception.

If the Bench feels that there are serious infirmities in the case and procedural errors in the case, the Bench ought to have pointed out them by taking stern action against the investigating agencies and prosecuting agencies for framing such meek case, in respect of a Carnage wherein 8 innocent Dalits were brutally done to death. At any rate the Judgment of acquittal is not at all correct and the same is liable to be set aside. We also demand a CBI inquiry on the way the proceedings happened in AP High Court on Tsundur Case, as there were many doubts, it is important to uphold the integrity of judiciary system in this country.

This is the fact finding Report on Tsunduru Dalit Massacre. It is highly unfortunate that the judgement is reflective of upper caste anti-dalit bias. It betrays insensitivity in the judiciary to an inhuman caste atrocity. HRF demands that the State waste no time in moving the Supreme Court so as to get this retrograde judgement overturned and render justice to the families of dalits killed on August 6, On the occasion of 14th April.

COM before 1 4th April.

Below is the format. Ambedkar was a one of the most influential leaders in the world history. Narasimha Reddy and M. Jaiswal turned down the verdict of trial court saying the prosecution had failed to prove the exact time of death, place of occurrence and the identity of attackers. The Tsundur massacre refers to the killing of several Dalit referred as Malas, who were once the warriors in the kingdoms people in the village of Tsundur, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India, on Justice people.

Tsundur is a village in Guntur district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is the mandal headquarters of Tsundur mandal in Tenali revenue division. The total population constitute, 3, males, 2, females and children, in the age group of 0—6 years.

The average literacy rate stands at This happened after police department asked locals to go aggressive against large number of eve teasing outsiders entering village.

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In the trial which was concluded, 21 people were sentenced to life imprisonment and 35 others to a year of rigorous imprisonment and a penalty of Rs. Kalekuri Prasad 25 October — 17 May was a Telugu poet, writer, Dalit revolutionary activist and literary critic of Telugu literature. Satyamurthi, and others.

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Works Prasad's songs have been used in many films. He edited magazines. He translated 70 books from English to Telugu includin. Gogu Shyamala is a Telugu-language writer and women's activist[1] and a prominent Dalit.

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Her parents are agricultural workers. She was also the leader of a vetti unpaid labour team that worked for the local landlord.

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Bojja Tharakam 27 June — 16 September was a well-known poet, writer, social and political activist and a senior human rights advocate in India. Tharakam was a committed lawyer in the Andhra Pradesh State High Court, fighting against the problems that Dalits have had to confront. His father, Bojja Appalaswamy, was one of the SCF leaders in coastal Andhra and was elected twice to the legislative Assembly from Amalapuram constituency in East Godavari district, in [1] and During an interview with Dalit Camera he said that the judgment in the Tsundur case was biased, illogical and casteist.

The reasoning given by the high court is contrary to all principles of criminal jurisprudence and appreciation of evidence. The tri. Caste-related violence has occurred and occurs in India in various forms.

Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991) Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991)
Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991) Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991)
Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991) Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991)
Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991) Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991)
Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991) Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991)
Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991) Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991)
Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991) Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991)
Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991) Tsunduru Carnage (6th August 1991)

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