Warrior of the Witch Clan

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Serpent Clan - Leader and warriors.

Witches of Dathomir | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Serpent Clan - Leader front. Serpent Clan - Leader back.

Serpent Clan - Warrior 1 front. Serpent Clan - Warrior 1 back. Serpent Clan - Warrior 2 front. My buddy got Blood Rage and essentially didn't like it as much as I did and sold it to me.

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I decided to give painting minis a shot. This is my first attempt at painting and basing miniatures. I did a decent amount of research, reading, and watching YouTube tutorials to get an idea of how to go about doing things. Needless to say it hit hard, I really enjoy painting it turns out! I started out with cheap Folk Art paints from Michaels, but soon found that they required to much water to thin, I didn't like how the went on and made the jump to GW paints.

No regerts. I tried to follow the art work as closely as possible for colors and bases. Leader was painted first, then Warriors 1, then witch, lastly Warriors 2 you can see that I got more comfortable doing eyes over the course of those models. I found some small rocks outside, cleaned them, primed, glued, and painted them oh the irony. Kimberly A Bettes. Wild Call: A Horror Story. Rebecca M. Lame High School Poetry. Shawn Graham.

A Wolf in the Woods. The Winter Witch. Michelle Grotewohl. Tischa's Rescue. An Autumn Night Walk. Brothers in the Storm. Michelle McMillen. Beyond the Mirror. Majanka Verstraete. Pride of the Traveller. Bryce Beattie. Tom Meets the Devil. Mark Petersen.

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Hypogeum: Strange Encounters. Teresa Balin. Waking Nightmare. Dakota Johnson. Skylands: Storm Warning. Sylvan Scott. Dissonant Dreams.

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Karen Hemstreet. A Hundred Years on Deadman's Butte. Scott R.

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Hench-Clan Hag

A Tiger's Tale of Two Sisters. Dara Girard. Vestigial Surreality: Douglas Christian Larsen. An Apsaalooke's Tale. Bryson Strupp. The Burial. Steve Matthew Benner. Birth of Sorrow. Joyce Reynolds-Ward. Too Big. Ashe Thurman. Working Out the Beast: Releasing the Wolf. Alis Mitsy. Teacher's Folly. J Dipple. The Legend of Falling Rock. Laura K Marshall. Sky In The Ground. Rob Vagle.

The Red Man through White Eyes. Sierra St. Mister Tree. Troy D. The Faceless Princess.

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  • First attempt at miniature painting. Blood Rage - Serpent Clan + Volür Witch - Album on Imgur.

Acton Cooper. Dynwarler the Daring. Emory Skwara.

Warrior of the Witch Clan Warrior of the Witch Clan
Warrior of the Witch Clan Warrior of the Witch Clan
Warrior of the Witch Clan Warrior of the Witch Clan
Warrior of the Witch Clan Warrior of the Witch Clan
Warrior of the Witch Clan Warrior of the Witch Clan

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